Do these ailments interfere with the quality of your life:
Sciatica, lower back pain, shoulder pain, headaches, migraines? If so, then Egan family chiropractic can offer you the help that you need.

The Egan family chiropractic center offers natural relief of chronic pain from headaches and disc disorders to sports and auto accident injuries. We can help all ages from infants to seniors. Please explore our website to discover what makes the experience and result of visiting our facility unique from any other chiropractic center.

The distinctive difference between Egan family chiropractic and other centers is Dr. Egan's dedication to the continual pain relief and prevention in all of his patients. He believes that pain management is a life-long process managed by restoring balance to the body through chiropractic care. By locating the source of pain, Dr. Egan's patients are able to realize their full potential and a productive quality of life.

The process is simple. Before chiropractic care begin, patients receive comprehensive consultations that include a thorough orthopedic and spinal evaluation as well as any necessary x-rays. After considerable time and attention to his patients' needs and concerns, Dr. Egan recommends a care plan specific to each individual patient. Dr. Egan values the importance of educating his patients about chiropractic care to support the healing process.

When you are ready, give us a call at (415) 785-7131 to discover how our chiropractic care has already helped many of our community members.


Simply stated the reason for our success is helping people like you.


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           Good health is the most valuable possession you could possibly have. Your quality of life is a direct correlation to your quality of health.  As you grow healthier, so do your thoughts, emotions and activities.  A healthy person is more flexible, more adaptable to life's stresses,  more curious, and more adventurous.  Healthy people are more alive, more connected to themselves and others, more aware of opportunities and more willing to seize opportunities for success. It is important to understand that unless your health is one of your top priorities, nothing else may ever fulfill your potential no matter what other values you have.

            Chiropractic care is a unique method to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  It can find the cause of your symptoms and reconnect you back on the path of healing. There is a tremendous power of healing that lies dormant within everyone. Egan Family Chiropractic understands that healing comes from within even though we have been lead to believe that good health comes from outside of ourselves. Dr. Egan does not only focus on what's wrong with a patient, but what's right within them.  For example, imagine a tree with a wilting branch. If we get too focused on the branch, we might forget to water the root. Even if the branch needs some direct care, which may be necessary, the only chance that branch has to be healthy again is to water the root. This analogy demonstrates that instead of focusing on what makes a person sick, we must focus on what is necessary for a person to be healthy. How can we as a society water the root to the tree of our lives?  One essential approach is through chiropractic care. 

            The nervous system is the foundational system that controls every other system in the body, therefore, it is the master system of the body, and every aspect of the human experience is processed through the nervous system. It transmits the organizing and coordinating information in the form of mental impulses from the brain to all parts of the body. When we have a healthy functioning nervous system, the body has a greater ability to heal and function at its highest potential. When there is interference to the nervous system functioning properly, it can compromise physical, mental and emotional well being. What I do as a chiropractor is locate and correct the cause of that interference.  However, there is no need to have a symptom or a problem to seek chiropractic care. All that is necessary is the desire to live to full potential. Chiropractic works with the healing intelligence of the body to promote balance.  Balance is an essential factor to preventing disease in the system. Prevention is the key to true health care.


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