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Testimonial by Lynn


            Initially, I met Dr. Egan where he was assisting in the adjustments of other patients at my prior chiropractors office. I was on the journey to recovery for almost two years and I was getting nowhere in eliminating my neck shoulder and lumbar pain. Eighteen years ago I underwent a cervical laminectomy caused by domestic violence. The trauma was never addressed and I could no longer drive because of my overall limited mobility. After going to my previous chiropractor for two years, I felt I had reached a plateau and was contemplating quitting chiropractic.


            With the tireless efforts and encouragement of Dr. Egan, I bear witness to the every-adjustment-miracle episodes, therefore I am volunteering my testimony with the powerful picture below. I had the will to recover from my condition and I found a way at Egan Family Chiropractic. Dr. Egan has a strong will to lead his patients through the journey of recovery. He has a great practice where he provides each patient with an individual treatment.


            I feel I have a sense of duty and obligation to share and present this testimony for the many of us who experience pain. The progressive journey through Dr. Egan's chiropractic treatment has benefited me greatly. My brother has seen a significant change in my life and health and is looking into chiropractic due to my experience of recovery.


            There was a big disconnect between my mind and body which brought about intolerance, indifference and bitterness. Shortly after a work injury lead to a heart attack and a herniated lumbar disc which caused me to drag my left leg. This incident brought about cascading effects that changed my personality, thinking process and how I felt about myself. Darkness was all around me until Dr. Egan aligned my mind with my spine and the rest of me straightened up. From October 2012, up to the present, each treatment became an AHA moment! Every chiropractic adjustment brought me to a level of wellness I had been wishing for. I look forward to receiving a chiropractic adjustment because it means, increased strength and positive disposition of mind and body.


I am a living witness to the beneficial effects of chiropractic care.



Testimonial by Gigi. B.


            I met Dr. Egan through another chiropractor who I feel is one of the best in the whole wide world. SHE uses Dr Egan and said that He helped her like no one ever had!! So when Dr. Egan opened up his new location, we decided to join him there. Just a more convenient location and hours for our family.

            I take myself and my THREE KIDS to him and he has helped us ALL. My children are 15, 11, and 11 and they are so healthy due to regular chiropractic care. I cant say enough about how Chiropractic helps the immune system work at its best. And now the kids might say, "Mom, my ankle is goofy. We need to go to Dr. Egan." How cool!

            Last week "Dr. E" did  some work inside my mouth where my jaw joint is. It hurt (!) yet I could feel it releasing even as he worked. I fell asleep that night without my mouth guard, and VOILA my jaw was not sore due to Dr. Egan's great work in releasing the pressure there. 

Thank you Dr. Egan - we love you!

Gigi B.

 From San Rafael, CA


Testimonial by Nani Robertson


            Thanks to Dr. Matt Egan, painful symptoms that I thought would never change have improved dramatically since. An excellent listener and informative chiropractor, Dr. Egan helped relieve my headaches, shoulder aches, and low back pains. I recommend Dr. Matt Egan to anyone who is living with pain.  

Nani Robertson

My Migraine is almost non-existant!


            I have had back problems for over 20 years. I started getting migraines about 7 years ago and basically I have tried everything to get them to stop. I had migraines at least two times a month. When I met Dr. Egan he took X-rays and defined what he felt was the problem. I had never had a chiropractor explain my issues the way that Dr. Egan had. I committed to a  treatment  plan for 8 months. Within the first two months the migraines became less and less frequent. Now they are almost non-existant!! Dr. Egan has given me back my quality of life! He truly is a healer! He dedicates himself to helping others and goes above and beyond for his patients. 


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